Convert 30fps to 60fps mac

How to convert 1080p 120 fps video to 60 fps

Most people search for the answer of this question on Quora and other platform. However, change video frame rate is never a simple thing, especially for someone who are not professional in video editing. In that case, a third-party tool is very important to change video frame rate easily. In this article.

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We will introduce you an easy-to-use video editing and converting tool so that you can change video frame rate in batch without any question. The frame rate is the number of consecutive frames which are displayed every second on the video. The unit for frame rate is fps, and the more the frame rate is, the more the accuracy of motion which is recorded is.

Final Cut Pro: Convert 30fps video to 60fps

Low frame rate produces a smaller file size of output videos, thus consuming less disk space. Higher frame rate, on the other hand, consumes more space but gives out a better video quality than the lower one.

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The most common frame rate used is 24 fps, as it produces a decent video output. However, if the output required is specific, changing frame rate accordingly is necessary, depending on the specific requirements. So if you wish to fix video frame rate, Wondershare UniConverter originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate will prove to be the best option.

Just click one of the Editing icons under the video thumbnail to enter the editing window. Next, click the drop-down icon beside Convert all files to: on the top right corner. There are a decent selection of frame rates that you can choose from with from 12 fps to 60 fps per second.

You can increase frame rate or decrease frame rate as per your requirements. My first thought was that maybe up-converting the frame rate would work. So I did the first thing anyone would do: I googled it.

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Well, suffice to say, I figured it out, and the result is amazing. The first step is to record properly.

Upconvert 30 fps to 60 fps in Camtasia ? | TechSmith Customer Community

I recorded in That gives me about a degree shutter angle which minimizes motion blur which in turn helps out the process later. This article by RED helped a lot. Once you import the clip into Premiere, create a new sequence and set its dimensions to the size of your video. Under the frame rate, however, change it to Now drag the clip into the sequence. If you were to frame through the timeline right now, you would notice that every frame is held for two frames. We want 60 distinct frames, not 30 x 2.

Right-click on the clip in the sequence, go to Time Interpolation, and choose Optical Flow. In the case of this sequence, frame 1 is a distinct frame, frame 2 is a repeat frame, and frame 3 is a distinct frame. Now render which will take a while and tada!

Best Frame Rate Converter - How to Change Video Frame Rate?

You now have silky smooth 60fps video ready for YouTubers to lust over. Since version After importing the clip into an event, create a new project and set the frame rate to Open the project and drag the clip in. Select the clip in the timeline and then go over to the Video Inspector window at the top right. Change that to Optical Flow and Final Cut will begin analyzing the clip!

Errors Playing iPhone Videos with Different Frame Rates

In versions prior to And there you are! Silky smooth 60fps video in FCP X! Extra tip!

here If you want 4k video on YouTube but only have a p camera, just export into 4k anyway and upload it. The 2k and 4k versions on YouTube will look better than the standard p version just because the bit rate is higher. Look it up, you can actually Google the comparisons for this one.